What folk say about me

Pool Arts

Clive ran a short 4 days course on the basics of iMovie editing / video techniques with a group of participants of all ages
in our community centre in Manchester. The participants had all experienced mental health issues and so a friendly relaxed approach was essential as people had different skill levels and different concentration levels.
Clive manages to make the sessions informative, fun and very enjoyable - and everyone learnt a great deal
from the course, gaining in skills, confidence and knowledge. Clive introduced professional clips for us to work from and also guided us through using our digital SLR to shoot our own movies.
As a result, all the participants now feel confident enough to start making movies and the group have made a promotional film for a crowd fund campaign which was highly successful!

Diane Morgan

Creative Producer & Consultant

Clive was employed to produce a very ambitious series of 5 video shorts to document the process of the workshop and showcase of Nitro's new musical theatre script, The God Racket, featuring stand up comedians. From initial approach, through to conceptualisation, planning, logistics and delivery, Clive was enthusiastic, inspiring and committed. The project developed into a gruelling schedule of videoing and editing daily, not to mention negotiating with performers who at first were ensure about the warts and all documentation of their entry into musical theatre for entertainment value! Clive quickly broke down barriers, receiving a warm and welcome membership into the cast and team. The positive dynamics contributed to an incredible output of inventive videos that helped Nitro to secure audience engagement beyond our expectations. He has an instinctive connection to narrative, humour, music and composition and I'm extremely grateful for his dedication, which often went into the early hours to ensure that each video was uploaded onto Youtube the next morning daily. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Clive for a multitude of creative video projects... as long he's still available to work for Nitro on the next stage of our project and many more in the future!less


Lucy Geddes

Learning and Participant Assistant, Manchester Camerata

“Manchester Camerata approached Clive to produce our project videos as he is both a skilled film-maker and a skilled musician with a strong ear for musical detail. He understands the importance of capturing high quality music-making and intuitively adjusts sound levels to highlight the best elements of our performances. Clive’s work is creative and inventive; he always seeks to try something new and can shape the style of each film to fit in with our wide variety of projects. Clive is also reliable and efficient, and I’d highly recommend him as a film-maker and an editor as he will put a modern, fresh edge on the work and mould it to fit your exact needs.”



Leon Patel

Artistic Director and freelance Musician specialising in education, carnival and corporate events.

"Over the years I have worked with Clive on many different projects from performances to project management, photography to video production.
Clive is an excellent film-maker with a vast amount of experience especially when capturing events and community arts projects. Two excellent examples of his video work have been ‘spirit of the people’ a short film he made with us in Oldham and Sao Paulo, Brazil about two sister social projects working with young people and the arts and a short promotional video to help recruit young artists as part of our ‘Future Leaders. programme. I would highly recommend Clive for any video and music technology tasks. www.futureleaders.org.uk / www.meninosdomorumbi.org.br/ingles "
Service Category: Short film maker and promotional videos
 Year first hired: 2001 (hired more than once)
 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Edward Morgan

Founder and Managing Director, Northern Town

I've worked with Clive on some big, multi-platform projects - for the Arts Council and the Art Fund. Clive can shoot, direct and edit - and he has a special feel for music, and how to film performance of all kinds. Clive is based in Manchester and works across the North - and is worth seeking out and working with.

Malcolm Duffin

Director, Marketing & Communications, Band on the Wall

I have worked with, or been aware of Clive Hunte's creative activities, for over 20 years. As AV Technician at Band on the Wall though we worked very closely together and I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone seeking a true creative looking for great solutions for their film and video requirements. Clive really understands film techniques and has a real passion for the process of editing and has delivered cost-effective projects for a variety of clients over the years. What makes Clive really unique is that he has built up these skills within the arts, education and creative industries so really understands the needs of artists and organisations with tight budgets and very particular briefs. If you are looking for a film-maker or editor you would be wise to give him a call.

Talat Bhat

Managing Director Jammu Kashmir TV

I met Clive though some like-minded friends, in the creative circles, and told him about my vision and ideas for setting up Kashmir's only Web TV channel, and has been very supportive and understanding of my vision. Clive is part of our camera and technical crew as a freelancer and is a good team player and very understanding and forward thinking in what we are trying to do for the Kashmiri community. I am also now part of his team.